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Clouse Engineering Inc.
1642 E Orangewood Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Phone: (602) 395-9300


Welcome to Clouse Engineering Inc

Project management services

Since 1961, Clouse Engineering Inc has provided comprehensive land surveying and engineering to the people of Phoenix, AZ. We are dedicated to meeting your expectations by applying our skilled expertise and concentration on every detail. Our team approach ensures success while maintaining cost effective goals. For over 50 years Clouse Engineering Inc has been producing effective plans paired with a thorough approach, values and accuracy.

We can help you plan your new construction sites with our site planning and grading services. Leveling out your land and planning to exact measurements makes your construction and building processes fluid and effective. At Clouse Engineering Inc, exact measurements are what count and our years of experience allow us to attain the correct information the first time. We also can help with drainage improvements for areas of land that tend to flood and inevitably effect its surrounding areas. Contact us today to solve your drainage and land surveying issues.

Clouse Engineering Inc., specializes in land and building surveying.Clouse Engineering Inc.Clouse Engineering Inc., specializes in land and building surveying.